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1950s S. S. Canton

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1950s S. S. Canton

P & O Liner and former troopship at Kowloon Wharves from 1952/1953.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1953


Well remember the old girl. Sailed on her from Southampton to HK in 1962. No air conditioning - fresh air being vented into the cabins by metal scoops outside the portholes. It was her last trip to the Far East. She sailed on to Taiwan then returned to HK where she was anchored in Junk Bay for a while and her contents sold off for peanuts before being scrapped - the carpet from the doc's surgery lasted me many years - and I'm still using her P&O embossed silver salt cellar, mustard pot and cutlery.

Yes, I remember my Dad obtaining 2 large comfortable chairs for our flat from the ship.I have still got a silver napkin ring with the ships name&badge on it.


53 years ago, Mike, but it seems like yesterday that your Dad and I boarded the old girl moored in Junk Bay to see what we could 'find'