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Small Pox Hulk "Hygeia" 1905 : Kennedy Town.jpg

Small Pox Hulk "Hygeia" 1905 : Kennedy Town.jpg
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1905


Given the presence of the Plague Hospitals in Kennedy Town, the Hospital Hulk, 'Hygeia' was moored offshore. It was built by the HK and Whampoa Dock Company and launched on 5 February 1891 The HK Daily Press as shown here provides more information about the vessel. Although the hulk  was seriously damaged in the typhoons of 1906 and 1908, it was repaired and continued to function as a hospital ship for infectious diseases. The 'Hygeia' was put down for sale in 1909.

1906 Hospital Hulk - Hygeia
1906 Hospital Hulk - Hygeia, by Moddsey


That's a good read. I'd previously thought hulks were the old sailing ships, so it's interesting to read that they were also built to order.

Regards, David