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1990s Belcher Gardens Gun

1990s Belcher Gardens Gun

Formerly located at Upper Belcher's Battery and Belcher Gardens. Now located at the Museum of Coastal Defence. More information here The foundation stone of Belcher Gardens unveiled by Sir Alexander Grantham is below the barrel of the gun.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, June 9, 1995


My little friends and I used to climb through the cannon from the rear to the front.  The practice alarmed the adults and both ends were sealed with bricks & concrete.  I shiver today thinking about being stuck in the middle.

BTW, on that date, the Governor, Sir Alexander Grantham, after unveiling the stone, visited our home on the ground floor of No. 12.

The fung shui of this terrace with the cannon in the middle was rather odd - on one side, quite a few families suffered major disasters, while on the other side, there were relatively few disaster; rather a lot of excellent scholars, such as producing at least 5 medical doctors from Block of No. 11 & 12 alone. 

Hello: Did you engage in kite flying in the late 60's?

I lived in Belcher No 14. Facing us across the main road must have been No 9-10. 

I too played on that cannon. I returned to Hong Kong in late 1996 and revisted it. 

Near No 1-2 there were a slide and a tiny pond with fancy goldlfish in it. Do you remember? There is also the start of a series of concrete stairs to lower levels. 

Hi Lawrence

Still remember visiting Belcher Garden where you and other classmates lived. Had a good time visiting you one by one.