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Yung Shue Au Camp

Yung Shue Au Camp
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hi there,

I believe I walked by the place the other weekend (14th June 2015) while going out to the pier for a short rest.   Some of the wire fence was still there but I was unaware that it used to be an army camp.  It had much deterioteriated.  The location is much overgrown by many trees but still quite open under them.  Traces of the previously flattened lan is still visible.

 It was already getting dark (passed 1745 hrs) and in the shade, thus I did not take any photos.  Actually I did not take any photos after going down to So Lor Pun Village.   Yung Shu Au Village is creepier than So Lor Pun Village.  To follow the trail to Luk keng you have to go through the ruins of some houses, which might be hazardous in the dark, especially if you bump into those big spider nets.........

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