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Looking over Ladies Recreation Club

Looking over Ladies Recreation Club

Cropped from http://gwulo.com/atom/20959.

The following buildings are visible

  1. Tregunter Blocks 1, 2, and 3 (under construction) at 14 Tregunter Path
  2. Canossa Hospital at 1 Old Peak Road
  3. The Albany at 1 Albany Road
  4. Hollywood Heights at 6 Old Peak Road
  5. Villa Elegance at 1 Robinson Road (only the top is visible)
  6. No. 1. Robinson Road (first occupation 09/79 according Centadata)
  7. Kam Yuen Mansions at 3 Old Peak Rd. Continuing further to the left is Pine Court at 5 Old Peak Rd.
  8. Ladies Recreation Club at 10 Old Peak Rd
  9. Clovelly Court at 12 May Rd.
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, August 24, 1980


Just note the work progress in only 14 months (Tregunter Blocks and Garden Terrace Block 1).

HK view, Oct. 1981
HK view, Oct. 1981, by m20wc51