View from 19 Broadwood Road (1).jpg | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

View from 19 Broadwood Road (1).jpg

View from 19 Broadwood Road (1).jpg

Nona Pio-Ulski has posted several lovely 1960s(?) photos of 22 and 23 Broadwood Road, built a decade or more later than the seven previous houses in the road, including the recently mentioned no. 21.

I’ve dug out a couple of 1920s photos of my Warren cousins taken from 19 Broadwood Road, but from slightly different positions and a year or so apart. Gwulo experts may be able to identify the buildings that are visible in the background. The date of this photo would be early 1928, judging from the children's ages.


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1928