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1951 North Point Power Station

1951 North Point Power Station
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1951


Interesting to see what appear to be tram tracks (bottom left) on presumably Electric Road rather than further over on King's Road

The tracks are on King's road, electric road is between the pools of water and the building behind them. The eastern part of Electric Road did not exist at the time: Here is a map of the area c1952:

North Point 1952
North Point 1952, by Herostratus

1954 HK Tramlines - Causeway Bay to North Point
1954 HK Tramlines - Causeway Bay to North Point, by Moddsey

Love the picture of North point Power Station where mu father worked from 1948 untill 1967. The black cloud was a daily occurence and was "soot blowing" - I used to wonder who was the recipient of the soot and thought it a very bad practice. I will search the loft for a picture I took in 1953 of the pile driving for the "new" North Point "B" station, which shook our flat continously for several months. The water pools were distilled water reservoirs. The corner of the buildings on the far left were a pair of 2 storey semis known as "The Bungalows" (your guess is as good as mine!). Lower left were their gardens Vegetables) and immediately to the right was a garden area with a Mimosa? tree (visible). We had a swing attached and when in use the vibration caused the leaves to close. My brother and I used to place a pin in the leaf centre which the leaf used to hold - many hours of a simple pleasure. I do not remember the land not having a boundary wall and it was definitely in place towards the end of 1951. ( I arrived in HK on Dec 24th 1950). The corner of the building extreme lower right became the Empire Theater Cinema with Luna Park between it and the harbour. Luna Park being there as long as I remember, the Empire being finished in 1953?. I left HK in Feb 1954. I think that the lower map is probably late 50's. The upper map shows the position of the Power Station correctly and there was a Pill Box about 30 ft above the road in the corner of the "Bungalow" nearest the road. I remember a superb view down kings Road from the gun slit.. The KHVDF used to man it on their annual exercises. (This in 1957, holiday time!)