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Tutorial 01

Tutorial 01


Herostratus, this is a valuable tool - thank you for giving this information including tutorial.

I used it for narrowing the dates for the Quarry Bay Gasholder. A feature of this size is easily recognisable even from higher flight altitudes. And you need a bit of luck to find the corresponding photos for desired dates and areas. So I was a bit disappointed in connection with houses on the peak after WWII. There are series from 1945, 1949, and 1956 from 20.000ft altitude - not many details to see. 

Regards, Klaus

Hi Klaus

There is an excellent series form May 1949 taken at 8600 feet which give a very clear view. Here is a sample:

The Peak 1949
The Peak 1949, by Herostratus

Thank you, Herostratus. I didn't see this series. But again, photos taken from lower altitudes from 1945/46 would be desirable. 

Nevertheless, this photo shows interesting details, e.g. that Victoria Hospital still stood in 1949 (althought not in use any more).

Regards, Klaus