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Yuen Long shops a.

Yuen Long shops a.

I believe that these shops, on the north side of the road, were towards the Eastern end of what was still quite a small town.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1955


I think this place is not Yuen Long but Fanling, SheungShui or some where else. 

Hi Terewong,

Thanks for your suggestion.  I based the location on Yuen Long because Bill would travel between Sek Kong and Kong Wei when he went to work at the latter.  So, either Yuen Long or Kam TIn seemed to be the likely place for these two photographs.  It was less likely that he would go further north to any of the villages nearer the old border.  However, I agree that the scene is not as I personally remember Yuen Long or Kam TIn being in the mid 1950s because the road looks rather too wide. Can anyone else help?  Andrew