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Nam Cheong and Un Chau street junction

Nam Cheong and Un Chau street junction

Any suggestions?

Thanks Peter for identifying the location.  If I have inserted a pin in the correct location on the map, it is now a VERY busy crossroads.  If incorrect, please guide me to the correct place.  Best wishes, Andrew


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1950


Looks like the traffic policeman was on Nam Cheong Street and Un Chau Street junction, Tai Po Road on the left and Wo Chai Hill just beyond the roof tops.  Regards,  Peter 

Hi Peter.

Now, I'm really lost!  Would you be able to provide a suitable title for the photograph and also a pin for its location on the map?  Many thanks, Andrew

Hi Andrew, the traffic policeman was likely at Nam Cheong and Un Chau junction because the former was, still is, a wide and busy street.  I suggest their junction for your location marker.

I am attaching the following photo which was taken a short distance to the northwest, at the junction of Kweilin and Castle Peak, also looking to the southeast.

Kweilin and Castle Peak Road Junction
Tai Po and Castle Peak Road Junction, by OldTimer


Thanks Peter.  Please see the changes I've made, and comment if necessary.  Andrew

You are welcome Andrew.  Regards,   Peter

Nam Cheong St & Un Chau St

Hi Phil,

Things have certainly changed!  Your comment must have the record for being the fastest ‘live’ response.

Best wishes, Andrew

Indeed. You can't see Woh Chai hill from here anymore. Actually, my son goes to school nearby so I just took this on the way home after dropping him off. Phil