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1963 HK 21 Bamboo and Ratttan scaffolding.jpg

1963 HK 21 Bamboo and Ratttan scaffolding.jpg
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1963


From the building's name under construction, the Enterprise Building (1st generation) was located in Sheung Wan at 228-238 Queen's Road Central. Not sure what the other building under scaffolding is called.

The tram means it is probably on Des Voeux Road Central. From the angle of the hoardings around the building there is a cross street running between the two buildings under construction. From the design I think the advertised building is the Realty Building/Wing On House building (ciompleted 1967), meaning the photo was taken at the junction of Des Voeux Road Central and Pottinger house looking east . The other building further along in construction would be the Chinese Bank Building (completed 1966). The green building in the distance can still be seen on the 2009 Google street view; it has since been replaced with a new office tower called 33 Des Voeux Road Central at the junction with Douglas Street


Thanks for the correction. Funny, that the Enterprise Building is mentioned. Guess it is just an advertisement.

1960s Des Voeux Road Central
1960s Des Voeux Road Central, by Moddsey

Its possible they changed the name during construction. Its relatively common for buildings to get re named after their major tenant, and for the name to be changed again after that tenant leaves/downsizes. eg Citibank Plaza/3 Garden Road