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Star Ferry—Solar Star -1958

Star Ferry—Solar Star -1958


Rear of my photo says “Solar Star” arriving at island terminus- March 1958. This terminus looks new? different to the colour postcard l bought in 1957 and uploaded previously of the same terminus. The ferry also looks as though it has been given a refit?, or maybe a new ferry given the old name?

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, March 1, 1958


To me, it looks like the current Star Ferry Pier Kowloon.

And Wikipedia reports that Solar Star was built in 1958 - so it's brand new.

Hi Kalus.  After looking on Wikipedia have now ammended the caption on rear of photo to -Mainland Terminus- after 60yrs.  have now got the correct destination!. ,thankyou. There is the number 587P on the front of the hull would this have connection to the build date?       Bryan.

Hi Bryan, don't think the number has anything to do with the year of commissioning. Northern Star from 1959 has the number 577P, Day Star from 1964 has 547P. Regards, Klaus

Recall that it has been mentioned recently  here