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1964 HK 43 Floating Restaurant Tai Po.jpg

1964 HK 43 Floating Restaurant Tai Po.jpg
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1964


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I believe this one was parked in various locations in Shatin over the years.   Before all the reclaimations, that was.   It has a Wiki entry (in Chinese).


Photo taken from the south shore at what is now Shatin looking towards Pat Sin Range. John.

Hi John

The range in the background is the one to the east of the Shatin valley and not Pat Sin leng. Phil

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According to the Wiki entry, the establishment started sometime in 1963 at the Ho Tung Lau area, with a narrow footbridge linking up the restaurant to the mainland.  There were Sampan services going to and from the Restaurant as well.

Over its time with urbal development, the restaurant had been moved around toward the Shatin crantal area today, close to the wet market (present day Shatin Railway Station) area and fnially folded in 1984, owing to difficulties in negoriating a more permenant lease with the Government, as well as utility companies for their services.