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Chequer board hill with radar unit on top

Chequer board hill with radar unit on top

I do not recall any other pictures of a large radar unit of this type on the top of a chequer board hill in Hong Kong

I'm presuming this is at Kowloon Tsai Park?

The date of the image is only a guess.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, June 15, 1960


Yes, it is Checkerboard Hill The airport radar unit was located at the eastern side of the hill. In a video of a Swissair Convair CV990 landing at Kai Tak in 1964, a close-up of the radar can viewed here at 7:56 during the aircraft's approach towards Checkerboard Hill. Enjoy the old photos and views of Kai Tak.

Nice government pictures and interesting video

I must have missed seeing that Radar installation as I always tried to get a seat on the right-hand 'low' side of the aircraft for the  big turn onto the runway. Sat on the left-hand  checkerboard hill side all you usually saw was the sky during the turn

When I was there this last month, the color has faded a lot, the view is also blocked by trees.

There is still a structure at that location, just nothing mounted on the roof

The checkers have been refurbished brightly lately, some trees have even been removed, so the view are not as blocked as before.

IDJ's picture reminded me of what I saw from my windows decades ago...

By the way, they have also added safety rails and access to lower tiers this year. It was quite a hairy place to stand before the rails. Still a precipitous drop tho!

Photos of the Marconi S264 radar installation on Checkerboard Hill can be viewed here and here