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Sung Dynasty Village our names.

Sung Dynasty Village our names.

Our names are Andrew and Judy, but I cannot remember which one of the sheets was which.  Can anyone provide a translation back into English?  Any gwuilo could easily be fooled, and I have sometimes wondered whether the translations were occasionally mischievous! 

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, July 26, 1981


Hello Andrew

The scroll on the left has the name Andrew transliterated on the top right corner, whereas the other scroll has the name Judy transliterated. It is easy to remember that Andrew when transliterated has 3 syllables (Āndélǔ  安德魯 ), but Judy when transliterated only has 2 syllables (Judí 茱迪).

For Andrew, the main inscription says  龍馬精神 which roughly means  'full of dragon/horse spirit and energy'.  

For Judy, the main inscription says 心想事成 which roughly means 'what the heart wants, the heart gets'.  In other words - may one's wishes become reality.  

Both of these are supposed to be auspicious writings, nothing mischievous.



Thank you for the translations and 'fortunes'.  I have a feeling that whatever name one supplied, there would be a favourable outcome, so everyone would go away happy, the men being rewarded with what might be deemed to be strong masculine attributes and the women with attributes that might appeal to them.  Am I being just too cynical?  Regards, Andrew