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St. Andrew's Church [1905- ]

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Read a brief history of the church on their website.


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The church recently came up with a particularly poor plan to build an auditorium underground, which would result in the demolishing of the whole of the wall fronting Nathan Road.

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History, maps and photos here:

Fortunately the Antiquities and Advisory Committee disapproved of the plan at a September meeting but expect a revised one soon...

The Chairman concluded that the Board was generally in support of retaining the existing rubble retaining wall and requested AMO to convey the comments of the Board to the Church. He further suggested that a site visit could be arranged to equip Members with better understanding of the subject buildings/sites thereby facilitating more fruitful discussion in the meeting in future... from AAB minutes here:

i know David is very keen on tunnels, i was there with HKU students last weekend, who were surveying the abandonned verger's lodge, does he know there is an ex tunnel /air raid shelter behind the  church under Observatory Hill? its bricked up so unexplorable

Hi Paul,

Yes, definitely interested!

I've read a couple of mentions of it, but never been for a look. One of the references I've been curious to follow up is the text 'Tunnel Portal' on CentaMap at maximum zoom. Here's the approximate position on a Google map. Is it the same as the one you saw?

Regards, David