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St John's youth club

That building to the left of the picture is where St John's Youth club was held on Friday nights in the upper two floors.

1963 HK 14 Garden Road Hilton Hotel.jpg
1963 HK 14 Garden Road Hilton Hotel.jpg, by John + Judith Mackay


I spent many many hours enjoying the club dancing and activities for several years. A wonderful experience run by the Rev Frank Roe who also organised many dinner dances in exotic venues like the Hilton with big stars who were visiting HK performing for the club. One called Meet Matt in May was very memorable with Matt Munroe singing for us. Fantastic times and had a very big influence on my adolescent years. Very grateful to that lovely guy Frank who I beieve still lives in Western Australia. 


Derek, what time period was this? I remember the name "Frank Roe" and that he was one of the clergy (along with my father) at St John's, but nothing else, unfortunately.  I also don't remember anything about the Youth Club, and I wonder whether this was because I didn't attend or that it started after I left HK in 1973.  I was a St John's chorister for a few years (1962-1973) , and also attended Cubs and Sunday School in the Ground floor rooms.  Parish breakfast was held in the upstairs room (I think there was a stage at the Hilton end of the room?) after 9.00am Holy Communion on a Sunday, and we also had Choir practice on a Thursday (for the 9.00 am choir/service) and Friday (for the 11.00 am Matins choir/service) in that room.