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Gun Club Hill Barracks [????- ]

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In 1976 all Royal Signals personnel were re-badged Gurkha Signals as part of the defence review my unit 27 Signal Regiment was disbanded and those that stayed on joined Hong Kong Gurkha Signal Squadron. Although I worked in Victoria Barracks on the Island I had to travel frequently to the Squadron Headquarters in Gun Club Hill Barracks. I returned to Hong Kong in 1983, this time to command a troop of Gurkha Signallers and was based in Gun Club until 1984. Our main role was to provide Police/Military communications in support of operations and whilst most took shelter during typhoons, we would deploy to the field. I would be happy to answer any questions about working in the barracks at that time. Frank Riley

I remember the rebadging from Royal Signals to Gurkha Signals, that was held here and afterwards was curry & Rum.  Welcome indeed.  I worked in Victoria Barracks but for last 9 months lived in Gun Club.

In 2015, after a gap of 38 years, I revisited on business and tried to find places.  Victoria Barracks Guardroom is still there but could not really get near Gun Club.  In all, I recognised only a few things, but isn’t that to be expected after all those years.