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Lyemun Flats / Lyemun Buildings / Harbour View Hotel / Arlington Hotel [1930-1956]

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Recently we've seen a few mentions of this hotel around late 1930's/early 1940's.

Interesting to see the building on the site today is named "Ocean View Court" in English, but may well be using the same Chinese name as the old hotel.


Photos that show this place


  Back in the early fifties we stayed in the Arlington Hotel on Mody Rd. and right next door to the Harbour View, which was on the corner of Mody and Chatham Rds. There was also a large sort of house/mansion (which could have been the one shown in an old photo of Signal Hill) across the road, which may have been called Lytton House.

This photo:

I think may show the location of the Harbour View Hotel. Probably taken from the Chatham Road junction.

You can also see the area in this aerial photo from the 1930s:

Chatham Road reclamation-Tsim Sha Tsui central area 1935

Richard, we've got a Lyton House on Mody Road. Not sure if it's the building you're thinking of?

Another good view of the area in this photo from Peter Ball's collection.

I'm trying to work out the relationships (if any) between these buildings - all help gratefully received.

Here's what we know so far:

1947 Map of Kowloon near Chatham Road

This 1947 map shows the area around Mody Road & Chatham Road. I've marked two buildings A & B.

Building B is this Place. The side facing Chatham Road was curved, as shown in this photo. At some point it housed the Harbour View Hotel. The building itself was called variously Lyeemoon / Lyemun / Lei U Mun Building(s).

Building A was next door. You can see it in this photo. A couple of readers remember it as the Arlington Hotel.

Were buildings A & B collectively known as Lyeemoon Buildings?

Their design looks very similar. And the current building on the site (Ocean View Court, completed 1958) occupies the site of both buildings A & B, suggesting they were re-developed together.

Regards, David

   There appears to be an alley separating the two buildings and I vaguely remember this, as one of our rooms looked onto this alley. In the photo which was taken from the balcony, of the buildings across the road, one of the oriole windows can be seen alongside the balcony.

   Correction on spelling. Not Oriole, but Oriel or bay windows which are seen on both buildings.


Hong Kong Daily Press 4 December 1930

Named Lyemun Flats, one of the blocks faced Lyemun whilst the other faced Signal Hill.

Good find - does it mention if they were newly completed buildings? If not there's a chance the article is referring to the Lyeemoon Villas, which had a similar orientation.

Regards, David

The Lyemun Flats were new modern buildings ready for occupation in November 1930. Each block was 4 storeys high with 16 flats and owned by the Spanish Dominican Procuration. The flats came along with built-in wardrobes and Kelvinators!

Who can resist a Kelvinator?!

Thanks for the extra information. So it looks as though these were built on the site of the older Lyeemoon Villas as two blocks of flats, then later some or all of the flats were used as hotels.

I've set the completion date per your newspaper article, and estimated the demolition date to 1956, based on the completion of the next building on the site.

Regards, David