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Diocesan Boys School, Kowloon [1926- ]

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Construction of the school was completed in 1926. But soon in February 1927, the British military authorities took the School as a hospital for one year.

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An interesting account, written by an old boy, W.J. Howard with a photo with the following caption:

"Diocesan Boys' School, Bonham Road, Hong Kong, Prefects 1918/19.
Left to Right
Back Row: Charles Mackenzie, Kenneth Tyson, James A. Kent
Middle Row: Harvey W. Knight, John L. Litton, James Howell, William J. Howard [author]
Front Row: Kor Bu Lok (Head Prefect), Rev. W.T. Featherstone M.A. Oxon. (Headmaster), Charles F.G. Jackson."


There is also an Old Boys Association

There is also a document about the school's history on the school website.

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