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4, Broadwood Road [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

This was built on I.L. 2060.

The first mention I found for the lot is a government notice No.270 on 24th July, 1914, ordering the removal of "graves within the boundaries of a certain piece of land situated below Inland Lot No.1911 Wong Nei Chong which is intended to be registed in the Land Office as Inland Lot No. 2060."

Siobhan Bland Daiko writes:

My mother lived at no. 4 Broadwood Road, the house on the hill above the church, I think. ((See the 1924 photo below)) Her father Vernon Walker was General Manager of HK Tramways and they owned the property.

Photos that show this place



Are you by any chance related to HW Walker and Tomé Walker who lived at Brinkilly, 15 Broadwood Road around 1916-1925 and probably after that too?


Could I send a message to Siobhan Bland Daiko, granddaughter of Vernon Walker, and to "Douglas," who posted that Doris Walker was his great-grandmother, to ask if Vernon and Doris Walker of 4 Broadwood Road are definitely the parents of Veronica Walker? I have photos of Veronica as a child with her mother in Hong Kong, one of which is posted at http://gwulo.com/node/20696, and others as an adult in Australia with her father and mother, who are only noted as Mr and Mrs Walker. I gather that Vernon and Doris were interned in Stanley.