37 Severn Road & 42 Plantation Road (RBL 589 & 590) [????- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

37 Severn Road & 42 Plantation Road (RBL 589 & 590) [????- ]

The address is 37 Severn Rd, but there is an entrance at 42 Plantation Road.

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In the mid-60s and early 70s, there was one big house at 37 Severn Road.  I have no impression of any house at 42 Plantation Rd.  The next house further up Plantation Rd was the residence of Jardine Taipan, Michael Harris, named Strawberry Hill.  No.37 Severn Rd was the residence of Dr. Vio.  They kept quite a few long-armed monkeys, parrots, hawks, at least two Afkhan Hounds and two Lap Dogs, as well as other small animals - quite a zoo.  It was rather spectacular when the family and pets went for a walk around Severn Rd assisted by House Boys.  The location where the map indicates as No.42 Plantation Rd would have been the Servant Quarters of No. 37 Severn Rd.  


42  Plantation Road is on the left. 37 Severn Rd on the right. Centadata still shows 4 houses being built at 42 Plantation Road in 1989.

In the 60s, the two semi-detached houses could have been turned into one big house of Dr. Vio with entrance at 37 Severn Rd.  I do not remember any entrance or entry path for No. 42.  There was a line of Servant Quarters at that location just below Plantation Rd.