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Fredrick Charles MOW FUNG (aka Chung) [1882-????]

Fredrick Charles
Mow Fung
Alias / nickname: 
c.1882-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
Birthplace (town, state): 
Stawell, Victoria
Birthplace (country): 

Siblings of Fredrick Charles MOW FUNG (aka Chung) [1882-????]


Here are mentions of Frederick Charles Mow Fung in the Jurors Lists (see I'm not sure if they're all the same person, or if they refer to different generations with the same name.


c Mow Fung Frederick Charles General Manager Mutual Store     25 Des Voeux Road  


c Mow Fung Frederick Charles Merchant Mow Fung & Co     9 College View  


c Mow Fung Frederick Charles Merchant Mow Fung & Co     82 Sai Tau Kowloon City


c Mow Fung Frederick Charles Merchant Banker & Co., Ld.     82 Sai Tau Kowloon City


c   Mow Fung, Frederick Charles Retired 17 Grampian Road, Ground floor. Kowloon City.

Frederick is referred to as a prominent Hong Kong resident, so I am surprised nobody said anything about him here.

In the interest of expanding the "web" established in Peter Hall's book and on Gwulo, I would like to point out that Frederick's sister is Elena, wife of William Francis Fincher. She is buried as Lena Fincher (Apr 17 1872 - Mar 12 1932) with her husband.

Here are some links about Frederick and the Chinese Australian Mow Fung family. Maybe someone from the family or Hong Kong will chime in.

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• Frederick and Taxicabs: (scroll down)

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• Chung Mow Fung (Frederick's father):

Coincidentally, there is a 1882 photo of a house in Hong Kong "former occupied by Mr. Mow Fung," but this Mow Fung family arrived in Hong Kong around 1895, so probably no relations.

I've recently found out that Frederick Charles Chung Mow Fung was my dad's godfather. After a bit of digging, I believe I've determined that F.C Mow Fung had 3 older sisters, 2 younger sisters, and a younger brother. One of his younger sisters was a nurse who studied in London UK, and when she returned to Hong Kong she was involved in professionalising nursing, and came up with new chinese words to describe qualified nurses. F.C Mow Fung's grandson is currently a Reverand in Hong Kong.

Born  Stawell Victoria NSW Australia 1882 Son of Mow Fun Chung and Huishe Huishe


Elsie Maud (sic) Mow Fung born 2 July 1887 Victoria NSW. She appears in the Midwiwes Roll from 1920 and was trained at Women's Hospital and Medical School Tientsin China. She died 16 December 1963 in Fort Worth Texas Married Bayard Lyon  15 October 1914 Tientsin China

Edith Ruby Irene  Mow Fung Chung 1895 - 1956 in North Walsham Norfolk UK


The eldest son of Elena and William Fincher was Edward 'Teddie' Fincher. He was president of the Kowloon Cricket Club. He excelled at lawn tennis in the 1930's where there are plenty of mentions of him obliterating his opponents (including my grandfather) and winning various local tennis leagues. I'm very interested to trace any photos of Frederick Charles Mow Fung's wife from the 1940's/1950's if anyone here can assist.

Hello, I'm related to the Mow Fung Family(Elsie) and have been researching the family a while to find out about our history and heritage,and past. I'm chiming in from the USA. I've kept some of the family photos, films, letters and clothing that looked important and was wondering who else may have information to share, I have a Twitter and Facebook page if interested contact me.