Ting-sang LI (aka BAAG No. 76.ii (?) / "Darkie") [1917- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Ting-sang LI (aka BAAG No. 76.ii (?) / "Darkie") [1917- ]

Alias / nickname: 
BAAG No. 76.ii (?) / "Darkie"
Birthplace (country): 

I have no verifiable proof that this BAAG number was assigned to this person, but have only deduced the match by circumstantial evidence.



Li Ting-sang, believed to be BAAG FIGS No.76, had the nick name Darkie Lee.  Formerly with the RA, he was a Runner of AHQ Wai Chow during the War.  He was one of the OP Team for Koling, Dapeng Bay, led by Francis Lee (75), captured by the Red Guerrillas in Oct 1943 and held at Peng Chau till Dec for ransom - the FRIGATE BIRD incident.  The others captured were: David Lam (72), Andrew Chan (78) and the W/T Operator Leung Man-hin.  Li Ting-sang was awarded the BEM.  In the early 50s, he was an Overseer at the Kennedy Road Slaughter House.   

From the entry for ´Darkie´ Li in the BAAG Personnel Register, Ride Collection:

Nationality Chinese-British subject, born Jamaica 4.4.17, Gunner R.A., BAAG 1.9.42 – 31.10.45.   Citation:

“Before and during the hostilities in Hongkong, this man was a Gunner, R.A. After hostilities, he escaped  and making his way to China, reported to the BAAG. He was discharged from the R.A. and immediately volunteered for service with the BAAG. For some time, he was employed in enemy territory on escape and evasion work and later he was a member of a coast watching station which was captured by the Reds. He was held prisoner for 3 months and after his release was employed in less dangerous work at HQs. During his three years’ service, his work was always of a high standard and while operating in enemy territory, he always displayed outstanding bravery and devotion to duty.”

(signed) L T Ride, Colonel.  1945.