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Matilda International Hospital [1907- ]

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After WWII, the Royal Naval Hospital in Wanchai was abandoned. The hospital was relocated to Mount Kellet and was known as the War Memorial Hospital. The hospital closed down in 1956 and the premises were taken over by the Matilda International Hospital.

I think the hospital Booth was talking about was the old War Memorial Hospital.  It was also on Mount Kellett but back on Homestead Road, a short distance away from the Matilda.

Agreed the Matilda and old War Memorial Hospital (WMH) are on different sites and that the hospital that Booth is mentioning is the WMH. As mentioned previously, the Royal Naval Hospital was abandoned in Wanchai after WWII and the old military hospital on Mount Kellet was taken over. Interpretation of the relationship between the Matilda and WMH:

There were three homes on the site of what became Matilda Hospital.

Mt. Kellett - 1890's
Kellett Bungalow, Kellett Spur and Oeonora.

Can we tell if the photo on the brochure is the same house in this photo ?

1920s Matilda Hospital
1930s Matilda Hospital

1888 Map - Mt. Kellett

Can we add "Oeonara" and "Kellett Spur" and "Fernside" to previous places, please?


I'm a little late in adding to the post regarding the military hospital in the peak district of Hong Kong island..I was a patient in a hospital in late 1959 possible early 1960. It was then a Royal Naval hospital. All the staff were navy personel. There were army doctors present and I seem to remember that the navy was handing over to the Army. 

From my ward window (facing the peak direction) looking towards Pok Ful Ham and the sea I could clearly see a resevoir in a valley.

I don't believe that the Navy/Army hospital became the Matilda Hospital. I think they were two separate hospitals. and that the old Navy/Army hospital was further up from the Matilda towards the peak. Possible on a slip road to the peak road as I remember turning off the peak road and going under a sort of bridge. When I was in the Navy hospital it catered for all the sevices. Army, Navy, US personel. There was a Chinese service person from Tamar, and an Australian serviceman.   

I tried to find it in the 80's and I am almost possitive that I had the right location. There was a block of flats there, and I could see a resevoir. I'm almost sure that the hospital was one large building with a road running round it. The block of flats fitted that pattern.

Hi, you're right that the hospital you stayed in was a bit further back along the ridge. You can see more information about it at:

Regards, David


Hi Moddsey,

your link only leads to the main page of the Institute after it's been shut down for improvement ... is the link below referring to the info you mentioned?

Yes. Your updated link refers to the older referenced link.

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