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Kennedy Road

Dear all,

I am looking for photos and information on some of the old houses along the Wanchai stretch of Kennedy Road where St. Francis Canossion College is and eastwards to the end where it meets Queen's Road East.

No. 64 belonged to the Ngan family of the CMB and is the only one still standing but soon to go.

Where Amber Garden now is used to be 2 mansions.  No. 72 and 74, one was privately owned and the other was used by the Jesuits (not verified). Can anyone offer some photos and info on them?

Also trying to find the history and background of big families who used to reside along Kennedy Road from early 20th century.

There doesn't appear to be anything on the internet about the person who donated the school named after him, Mr. Tang King Po.

It would be nice to have some pictures of the old house owned by the Hysan group before it was turned into the Bamboo Grove.

Every little bit helps so i hope to hear from Mr. Tall and Mr. B and anyone out there who might know something and have photos of the area. 





You can find exterior and interior photos of Lee Hysan's house and adjacent Lee Building in the memoir "Profit, Victory & Sharpness: the Lees of Hong Kong" by his granddaughter Vivienne Poy. Online copy set to a search for "Lee Building" here:

Click on the 7th blue marker from the left for the photo pages.

The photos are on Gwulo here:

How did we all miss this post back in 2009?

Some subsequent discussion of part of the area the original post mentions here: