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Hong Kong Annual Reports, 1946-1995

After WW2, the Hong Kong Government started publishing a book containing a report of the year's events. The Hong Kong public library has electronic copies available to read online - BUT some years have the complete book online, while others only have a few pages online). 

This link should take you to the list of reports: https://mmis.hkpl.gov.hk/search-result?p_p_id=search_WAR_mmisportalportl...

Note that from 1946 to 1971, the book was named after the year it described. eg "Hong Kong 1971" describes the events of 1971, but was published in 1972. Each of the books 1973-1996 are named after the year it was published, but covers the events of the previous year, so the next book is "Hong Kong 1973", covering the events of 1972.)