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Anne Black Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters [1965-2015]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists
Date Place completed: 
c.1965-10-01 (Day is approximate)
Date Place demolished: 
c.2015-12-31 (Month, Day are approximate)

Hong Kong Red Cross released a fact sheet on its new headquarters:

The HKRC Headquarters in Admiralty had been in use since 1965. With the rapid expansion of HKRC services in recent years in response to society changes and rising diverse needs, and to match Government’s land use planning for the Admiralty headquarters site, the HKRC Headquarters confirmed to be relocated to Hoi Ting Road, West Kowloon in 2010.[Completion Date:  September 2015]
The 3-storey HKRC Headquarters, located in 33 Harcourt Road, Admiralty, commenced operation in 1965, which was the tallest building in the district at that time. In early years, the headquarters of blood donation and the blood bank were on the ground floor, they were relocated to King’s Park Rise, Kowloon later on.

So this building was torn down the make way for new ones. The HQ officially closed an September 11th, 2015. My guess for demolition date is end of 2015.



Photos that show this place


From a Hong Kong Red Cross press release.

Its available in Chinese only


(香港‧2015年9月11日) 多年來,交通報告經常說「紅隧塞車塞到紅十字會」,此一說法可能很快便要改,因為香港紅十字會(紅十字會)位於金鐘總部的運作將於今天(9月11日)正式結束,順利完成50年的歷史任務。





A video can be watched here.


And here's Google's (poor) translation:

"Red tunnel traffic jam to the Red Cross" will not be reproduced
Red Cross's Admiralty headquarters completes 50 years of historical mission

(Hong Kong, September 11, 2015) Over the years, traffic reports have often said that "the red tunnel is jammed to the Red Cross." This statement may soon be changed because the Hong Kong Red Cross (Red Cross) is located in Klm. The operation of the clock headquarters will officially end today (September 11) and successfully complete the 50-year historical mission.

Early headquarters service

The Red Cross’s headquarters at 33 Harcourt Road, Admiralty, has been in operation since 1965. There were no high-rise buildings and government headquarters nearby. Instead, it was next to the government’s helipad and the rear was the British Army’s Tianma Naval Base. The Red Cross was the tallest building in the area at the time. Due to its unique location, there were not many other buildings in the early years and there were no zebra crossings nearby. It was not convenient for Red Cross volunteers and members of the public to come to the headquarters. They often ran across the road in danger.

In the early years, the headquarters of the Red Cross was once a blood donation headquarters and a blood bank. The wall of the building was affixed with a banner of "donating blood and saving people". Because the nearby is the dock of the British fleet, many blood donors were foreign soldiers and sailors. Later, although the headquarters of the Blood Transfusion Service Center was moved to King's Park in Kowloon, it was maintained as one of the blood donation service centres for a period of time. It is also convenient for volunteers and members of the public to donate blood when they come to the headquarters.

Later, the Red Cross service increased and the department expanded. The blood donation service center, auditorium and training room at the headquarters were gradually converted into offices. Different activities, competitions, first-aid training classes, and the swearing ceremony of the uniform team were required to be changed to other The place is held. Since the headquarters was designed in English in the same year, there is a small terrace in the room on the second floor. There is a birthday and anniversary of the Queen of England. The British royal staff also watched the parade on this terrace.