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HSBC Headquarters Building (4th generation) [1986- ]

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The current building is the fourth generation of headquarters buildings for the HSBC.


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great feature!

I'm just thinking you probably need to put in some pictures of the HSBC current building (and the old BOC one) as if we blink they may be gone in a few years!

Glad you like the new feature. You're right, the new building deserves some photos too. I think there should be some good ones to use on Flickr.

The 1935 building was closed on 26 June 1981, 
demolition started 5 days later, and took 30 weeks,

For the new building,
the steelwork was completed in Oct 1984,
cladding was started in Jan 1984, and finished on 20 May 1985,
sign over on 18 Nov 1985,
formal opening in 7 April 1986.

(from the book "One Queen's Road Central", by Ian Lambot and Gillian Chambers, commissioned by HongkongBank to celebrate the official opening of it's new headquarters)

Thanks Alun, I've added in the completion date. Please could you let us know the source(s) for the dates above?

Regards, David

All dates are in the book "One Queen's Road Central"