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Charcoal kiln below Sha Tin Pass [????- ]

Current condition: 

After getting excited on Monday about finding a charcoal kiln on Jat's Incline, I found a second one yesterday. Let's see if this is just a lucky fluke, or if more appear now I know what I'm looking for.

The position of the marker is not accurate. The kiln is on the right side of the clear path that runs from Sha Tin Pass down towards the Sui Chuen O estate, and I was planning to use the GPS data from the photo to put the marker in the right spot. But I mustn't have let the phone's GPS get an accurate position before I took the photo, as the location shown for the photo's GPS data is way off.

This one is in better shape than the one on Jat's Incline. From the path, the opening in the front of the kiln is visible a short distance up the slope.



Looking inside, it's a circular space:

Looking inside


Peering inside, there's the same typr of chimney opening in the back wall:

Chimney at the back


If you spot any when you're out walking, please make a Place page for it, and give it the tag: charcoal kiln

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