1909.184 Government Gazette | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

1909.184 Government Gazette

No. 184.—It is hereby notified that in order to prevent confusion arising from the existence of duplicate names of streets in Hongkong and Kowloon, His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to direct that the streets in the subjoined list be re-named as shewn therein.


Old Names | New Names.

 Chater Street | Catchick Street
 Albany Street | Tai Yuan Street
 East Street | Tung Street  
 West Street | Sai Street   


Chater Street | Peking Road  
Des Voeux Road | Chatham Road  
Garden Road | Hankow Road
Robinson Road | Nathan Road  
Macdonnell Road | Canton Road    
   Elgin Road | Haiphong Road
 East Road | Hanoi Road
  East Avenue | Sainam Avenue
   East Terrace | Wuchow Terrace 


First Street | Kansu Street
Second Street | Pakhoi Street
 Third Street | Saigon Street
Fourth Street | Ningpo Street
  Fifth Street | Nanking Street
Kennedy Street | Woosung Street
Seventh Lane | Yunnan Lane 
Fuk Shing Lane | Suchow Lane   
Macdonnell Road | Canton Road    
Station Street North | Shanghai Street     
Station Street South | Shanghai Street     
Sixth Street | Jordan Road 

(to junction with Gascoigne Road.)

Eighth Street | Bowring Street

            1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, | Notice boards to be removed with
          5th and 6th Lanes | these numbers on them as the
                                    lanes are merely scavenging lanes.

Temple Street is to be continued northwards to Man Ming Lane, Yaumati.
Portland Street is to be continued Southwards to the same point.


Macdonnell Road | Canton Road    
    Hill Street | Changsha Street
  Nullah Lane | Shantung Lane
Station Street North | Shanghai Street     


 Old Names | New Names.

Des Voeux Road | Chatham Road  
  Third Lane | Nanning Lane
    Hill Street | Tientsin Street
Market Street | Wuhu Street  
Station Street | Taku Street   


     High Street | Newchwang Street
           Praya | Chungking Street
Station Street | Foochow Street

F. H. May,
Colonial Secretary.
19th March, 1909.

(A copy of the original is available at http://sunzi1.lib.hku.hk/hkgro/view/g1909/11841.pdf - you may need to click the link twice to access the document.)


Wuhu street, hunghom looking west with the wuhu street market on the north side of wuhu street. North of the market is station lane where a police station used to be located. North of the station lane was the Kun Yam hill with a lot of squatter huts. Possible the picture was taken at the Wuhu street-Ma tau wai road junction. Both the huts and the hill were removed in the 50s  to make way for the Whampoa chuen which later was rebuilt as the ka wai chuen which still exists today. It explains why wuhu street was called market street before 1909.


1915 wuhu street market.png
1915 wuhu street market.png, by simtang


In the following picture, we are looking east along station lane towards the station lane-ma tau wai junction. One can see the conveyor tower of green island cement co. on ma tau wai road and the partly demolished Kun Yum hill. On the right it looks like it is the rooftop of the wuhu market.


1954 station lane.png
1954 station lane.png, by simtang


Another source essentially confirmed the above

Wuhu Street (formerly known as Market Street) in Hung Hom in about 1915 is near the junction of Taku Street, with Hung Hom Market on the right; the mountains near Ho Man Tin can be seen in the background. Due to its proximity to the Whampoa Dockyard and some industrial facilities, the industrial and commercial development of Hung Hom was much more advanced than Tsim Sha Tsui at that time (google translation)


1915 wuhu street and market.png
1915 wuhu street and market.png, by simtang


Tientsin Street (hill street before 1909) no longer exists.

Comparing a 1950 map and a 2021 map, Tientsin Street has become part of Man Tai street. An aereal picture of Tai Wan Shan shows that part was apparently filled with squatter huts without any visible trace of a street. It is reasonable to assume the year was 1976 when Tientsin st was renamed. 1976 was the  year when Whampoa estate (黃埔新邨) was built.




1950 hunghum map.png
1950 hunghum map.png, by simtang


2021 hunghom map.png
2021 hunghom map.png, by simtang


Another street Nanning Lane of Hunghom has been dropped from modern maps. It is just a back alley between station lane and wuhu street, bounded by Kun Yam and Marsh streets. It was still there in a 1935 map:


1935 hunghom map.png
1935 hunghom map.png, by simtang



In the 2022 map, it has disappeared

2022-hunghom map.png
2022-hunghom map.png, by simtang