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Royal Yacht Britannia - Visits to Hong Kong

I recall seeing Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia in Hong Kong in the early 90s or, possibly, 1989. I think Prince Charles was in Hong Kong on a private trip, and they spent most of the visit up in Double Haven. Does anyone remember this visit, and remember the approximate date? Thank you.


Hi there

I was based in HK with the Royal Navy between Nov 92 and May 94 and remember the RY visiting - some of the girls were even lucky enough to get invited onboard!

I think it would have been in the spring of 1993, but sorry not to be able to be more specific - hope that helps :)



Thank you Carol, that is very useful.

The following information from here appears to be useful:

a) October 1986 - Queen's visit to Hong Kong;

b) 1989 - Major tour of the Far East including Hong Kong

c) June 1997 - Handover of Hong Kong


The year appears to be 1990 for the visit in HK. I seem to remember it was about that time.

Prince Charles and Diana Princess of Wales visited Hong Kong for 3 days from 7th-10th November 1989 but arrived by plane

Thanks to everyone for their information. The visit I am interested in has been identified as the one in 1989. I recently found some photos, taken by me, of HMY Britannia up in Double Haven. I should have remembered the date because we (Marine Police) assisted the Royal Navy with the security of the ship and her passenger, HRH The Prince of Wales. Diana had left Hong Kong leaving Charles to go up to Double Haven and paint his watercolour - 'View of Double Haven Bay, Hong Kong, from After Deck of HMY Britannia.'


The Duke of Edinburgh arrived on the Royal Yacht which was moored in the harbour in mid 1958

Hey Les, slightly off topic but i was in HK 'MARPOL' when the RY came in in 86, wife plus mum and aunt visited and had access to the jetty

Pretty sure i know you, cant remember whether you were one of the the permanant shift like Rob Coulson, Trev Hollingsbee (plus a few others whos names escape me) or just the occasional 'relief' covering vacation/sickness

Trust your well....



Mark Edwards 


I did work in MARPOL in the mid-80s, for about six months. Rod Coulson and Trevor Hollingsbee were there too, as you say. Small world. Both Rod and Trevour remain good mates. they are both well.



During the October '86 visit, the Queen and Prince Philip were landed from the Royal Yacht on the dock of the Sha Tin Rowing Centre, en route to the Race Course, recently expanded for the QEII Cup.

In anticipation, the government spent months cleaning up the Shing Mun River, notorious in those days for its bloated animal carcasses, floating excrement, colourful textile dyes and general stench.

For years afterwards, when the river quality showed signs of deterioration, RHKYC rowers would joke that it was time to invite the Queen back.

Never forget a name but hopeless with faces ;)

Good to hear both Rod & Trev are doing well... Doubt Rod will remember me but pass on my regards to Trev, we had some mail exchange a few years back about something(dont recall) - Are they on this site?

1989  Visit Programme of the Prince and Princess of Wales
1989 Visit Programme of the Prince and Princess of Wales, by Moddsey