Kapok Bakery and Confectionery Co. Ltd - Wanchai Store [????-????] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Kapok Bakery and Confectionery Co. Ltd - Wanchai Store [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

Address: 310-312 Hennessy Road.

Photos that show this place



The building that replaced the one where Kapok was in has a date of occupation of 02/09/1967.


I guess the store should have closed before that.

According to 1965 年香港年鑑, its address was 310 Hennessy road

But in 1967 年香港年鑑 it became 302 Hennessy road.

It is possible it just moved west a little bit to the neighboring old building in 1967. In 1983, that building was also demolished to make way for the CC Wu building.


was formed 1954-06-21.

dissolved date is 2002-12-13


Hi There,

I believe for this particular building, it was replaced by a commercial building where the present day Jollybee fast food chain occupied the ground floor and basement.  CC Wu building replaced the row of buildings next to it.


 Jollybee building has a date of occupation of 02/09/1967 (according to the Midland realty link above). Therefore date of demolition of Kapok building should be around 1967. By the way, there was a news report in the 1960s that Kapok rented out the second and third floors of that building since Kapok owned the whole building. They were trying to evict a tenant for not paying rents for several months. That also explains why they can put up the big advertisement board to cover up all the windows of higher floors.