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Kowloon and Sekkong 1952/53

As an Army family we were posted to Hong Kong in 1952 and were billeted first in the Melbourne Hotel, Kowloon for several weeks before being moved to our new quarters in Sekkong.  I attended the Minden Row School in Kowloon, just off Nathan Road, and continued there even after we lived in Sekkong, travelling by Army truck to Tai Po Market station and then by steam train down to Kowloon.  I have vivid memories of our 18 months in Hong Kong at that time and would love to share if this interests anyone.


Hi Valerie, I think anyone who reads this site would love to hear your memories and see any photos you may have. Please feel free to share anything you can.



Ok Phil, I will work on it and hopefully have something ready soon.  Thank you for your contact.



Hello Valerie,  I hope you are comfortable and safe at home. This might give you time to collect your memories and pictures of your time in Hong Kong, especially in the Minden Row School and in Sekkong. It would be a nice distraction from being inside most of time. I look forward to see your most valuable contribution.

Hello again,  thank you for your interest.  I have been very active researching photographs from the 1950s in Hong Kong to accompany my memories from that time and hope to start collating everything soon.  Best regards, Valerie

Hello Valerie,

I sincerely hope you are safe and well, as I read about the situation at UK regarding Covid. Very concerned. Please do post a word or two..Regards.

thanks you for your contact.

Have finally managed to start putting together some of my memories of my childhood for my family, but have started earlier than my Hong Kong life.  Going to be another little while before I get to that era in words, although, as I commented earlier I have collected good photographs from several sources which will help to illustrate my memories.  Regards

I would imagine growing up in a service family you would have the experience not many would have nowadays. If it is not too intrusive it I hope you would generously share those experience with us here. Looking back and comparing those times with your life up to these days it must be an epic worthwhile of Hollywood!!

Best wishes.

Valerie, I hope you are well and away from Covid. I have been looking forward to read more of your account in Hong Kong. Regards.