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Thomas LEMPRIERE [????-????]


My great great great grandfather, Thomas Lempriere, took up a post in Hong Kong as a senior officer in the Commisariat, having come from Van Deiman's Land (where he was an officer of the commisariat at Port Arhur for many years)

I would like to try and find out anything about his time in Hiong Kong. He was there from 1849 to 1851, contracted an illness and died in Aden en route to England. He is buried in Aden and has a memorial in Hobart where he had left his wife and extensive family.


Tasmania Passenger Arrivals 22 January 1858 at Hobart from Melbourne

Mr Thomas Lempriere and Mrs Thomas Lempriere

No other details shown apart from names One unnamed death recorded


A small amount of extra information. Thomas Lempriere was appointe Assistant Commissary General in Hong Kong. it is not clear exactly when he arrived in Hong Kong (late 1849/early 1850), he reportedly contracted dysentry and died in Aden in January 1852. So it appears he was in Hong Kong for around 18 months. His experience as Deputy Assistant Commissary General in Van Dieman's land was entirely related to the prison service. It is not clear what area of responsibility he had in Hong Kong


Public Ancestry Tree

Thomas James Lempriere born Hamburg 11 January 1896

Notes from the tree: Served in the British army in France and the West Indies before emigrating, but he returned to the family business of trading in Hobart Town. His father and mother joined him in 1825 with two of his sisters, but their business failed soon afterwards.  Arrived Campbell Town Tasmania in 1822 aged  26 on board the Regalia. Married Charlotte Maria Smith in Hobart Tasmania and twelve children were born. Government  job at Maria Island Macquarie Harbour then Assistant Commissary General in 1844, a position he held until leaving Port Arthur in 1848 to take up a similar position in Oatlands/Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia.  Recalled to England in 1849, and in 1850 was appointed Assistant Commissary General in Hong Kong.

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Thomas Lempriere is my great great great grandfather too.

TJ Lempriere 

> Annie Lempriere

Married Cecil Cooke

> Arabella Lempriere Cooke (Middie)

Married Eric Prosper Trebeck

> Audrey Trebek (Gyro)

Married George Perry

> Anna Perry

Married Andrew Lovitt

> me... Sarah Lempriere Polce (née Lovitt) 

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