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Union Theological Seminary, Canton vs. Canton Christian College


I need help in deciphering the difference between what was called the "Union Theological Seminary" in Canton, and the "Canton Christian College", named as such until 1927 when it became Lingnan University.  I have not been able to identify the attached photos that is labelled "Union Theological Seminary, Canton".  Does this institution still exist or did it merge with Canton Christian College?  Your. assistance is welcome.  Thank you!

See photos here:





hi, Deborah:

Union Theological Seminary and Canton Christian College (Lingnan University) were separate institutions, at least until after WW2. Both were located in Canton, but UTS was at Paak Hok Tung and CCC was on Honam Island. During WW2 both fled to the same village in northern Guangdong; after the war both returned to Canton and began to cooperate. UTS became a part of Lingnan in the late 1940s. It ceased to exist in 1952 when Lingnan was abolished. 

Thank you for this information, Ed. Do you happen to know when the UTS was founded/built? The reason I ask is because I am need to date a photo. If it was built between 1892-1900 then I am in luck. I cannot find the history of the seminary anywhere except for the photos above-mentioned from the missionary albums of the Union Theological Seminary in Canton. 

Whereabouts is Paak Hok Tung?

Thank you!


You can find more information by googling Guangdong Union Theological Seminary. UTS was founded in 1914. I was wrong about its fate under the Communists.