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Gravestones on slope near Fung Yiu King Hospital [????- ]

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The slope on the left of the main hospital buidling is the place where the tombs are situated.

CE0FE997-C580-4D2D-AD41-1ACBE79DB3F2.jpeg, by Shea Yat Fing


This set of photos were taken a few days ago within Fung Yiu King Hospital in Sandy Bay. These tombs have been on the slope just next to the hospitals for many years. We can vaguely identify some Chinese names on them e.g. one with the Chinese character “Chan” (陳). I am not sure when the hospital will have renovation and whether they will be destroyed one day. I have been working in this hospital for more than 10 years and I have never seen people visiting them. I believe, and hopefully somebody can clarify, that they belonged to mainlanders working in HK in 1950s-60s who passed  away but without close relatives in Hong Kong as Tung Wah Coffin Home is just nearby.

Photos that show this place


Have you tried contacting the Tung Wah Hospital Group's archives, to see if they have any records about these gravestones? Their contact details are at: