King Leung (Kwok-Hei) KWAN (aka Kwan Sum-Yin) [1869-1945] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

King Leung (Kwok-Hei) KWAN (aka Kwan Sum-Yin) [1869-1945]

King Leung (Kwok-Hei)
Alias / nickname: 
Kwan Sum-Yin
Birthplace (town, state): 
Hong Kong
Birthplace (country): 
c.1945-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)

I am researching my grandmother's side of the family, the Kwan Yuen Cheong, family of 15.   I would like to know where the couple resided and also where the second generation (each) lived.   My great-grandmother was raised by Daniel and Mary Ayow Caldwell and educated by Lady Ball (Dyer Ball's second wife).  A lot has been written about her and her dentist husband, who worked for the LMS print shop before apprenticing under an "American missionary dentist" (Rudi Butt's blog says that would be Varnum David Collins but I cannot find his sources nor reach the author). I have read and researched Carl T. Smith's books and note cards on every Kwan I can find.

The Kwan sons and daughters ALL have a great story, and I endeavour to dig up as much of their personal stories as I can.  The larger narrative has already been told and passed down through the generations but I am a sucker for details and I want to know dates, timelines, addresses, causes of death, graves, contemporaries etc.

Please help me by sending me any pieces of info you can find on the 15 children and their children.  Here they all are (I am descended from #8 Kwan Yuet Ying.

Kwan Yuen Cheong (b. December 30, 1832 - January 12, 1912, 79 yrs) m. Lai A-Mei (b. June 1, 1839 - January 11, 1902, 62 yrs)

5 Daughters | 10 Sons

1. Yuet Ming (月明) 1858-1913 (55yrs)

2. King Wan (景雲) 1860-1923 (63 yrs)

3. King To (景道) 1862-1889 (27 yrs)

4. King Woon (景垣) 1864-1864 (0 yrs)

5. Yuet Ping (月屏) 1865-1899 (34 yrs)

6. King Yin (景賢) 1867-1919 (52 yrs)

7. King Leung (景良) Mar. 3, 1869-1945 (76 yrs)

8. Yuet Ying (月英) Sept. 23, 1870-1962 (92 yrs)

9. King Chung (景忠) 1873-1923 (50 yrs)

10. Yuet Har (月霞) 1874-1942 (68 yrs)

11. Yuet Wah (月華) 1875-? (? yrs)

12. King Sing (景星) 1877-1955 (78 yrs)

13. King Sun (景燊) 1878-1948 (70 yrs)

14. King Hung (景鏗) 1880-1947 (67 yrs)

15. King Fai (景輝) 1883-1943 (60 yrs)

This group is amazing and I have already gleaned a few gems like the DBS List by Annalise and Emride's post about Agent Domus, Honky Kwan.  Thank you both,  and advanced thanks to those who can help me!


There's a possible match for #12 in the 1941 Jurors List:

c * Kwaan King-sing Clerk. Asiatic Petroleum Co., (S.C.) Ld. On premises.

Thanks David, it does look like a match except for the extra "a" in Kwan, and the fact that Kwan King-Sing was a doctor.  Who knows? By 1941,  he would have been 64 years old, and he was living in the "Garden City of Kowloon Tong" in Hong Kong by 1937.  I guess he could have become a clerk for the Asiatic Petroleum Co.?  What does "on premises" mean?

As your King-Sing was a doctor, they must be different people. It'll help if you can give a line or two of background about the different family members, eg profession and any other key points, so we know where to be looking for them. (Or better still, make a separate Person page for them.)

"on premises" in the Jurors Lists sometimes means the person was living on company premises, and other times it seems to mean they didn't want to list their residential address and used "on premises" to show they could be contacted via their business address.

There is a book on the Kwan's family written by Dr. Kwan Siu Sek and Yung Ying Yue.  It is in Chinese and published by Wide Angle Press Ltd.  I think it is available at the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences.

Thank you, I have the book, the authors are my cousins. 

Correction to my own post above, the middle name of Dr. Varnum Collins is Daniel, not David.

Hi Deborah,

If you click the "Edit" link at the top of the page, you can correct the middle name and then scroll down and click "Save" to update the text.

Would you be able to add a Person page for your great-grandmother too? I'd like to connect it to Daniel Caldwell's page, so that any of the Caldwell family passing by see it and can maybe add more information.

Regards, David