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Ships sailing from Hong Kong to Australia in 1981

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Is there anyone here who would know about ships sailing from Hong Kong to Australia in the second half of 1981?
I was told that most vessels used to go to Western Australia (especially Fremantle), but were there some going to other territories (Darwin, Brisbane and so on) ? and which ones or what kind of vessels then?
I would prefer first hand reports. I would love to hear from people who actually know which ships have taken this route or who have undertaken these trips themselves. I'd like to hear about anecdotes too.
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This link should assist:

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Ships sailing from Hong Kong in 1980s
Ships sailing from Hong Kong in 1980s, by Theodor Strauss

Too many and not only in 1981 but previous years, as well as later on. A well known joint venture at the time was AAE. A joint venture of Royal Interocean Lines (official name Koninklijke Java China Paketvaart Lijnen/later Nedlloyd Lines) and Swire (The China Navigation Company Ltd).

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The Age newspaper in Melbourne, Australia has been digitised up until the late 1980s.

The shipping movements sections listing incoming and outgoing ships, but unfortunately not their origin or destination.

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FYI I found something similar : Good digging for those interested...  wink



In addition to the East Asia Australia Service which comprised - AAE, ANL,K.Line, ,Mitsui OSK NYK and Yang Ming Line, there was the West Australia Service which comprised - Australian National Line, K. Line, Knutsen Line, Mitsui OSK,, and NYK and Zim Eilat Australia Line.

ANL's vessels were Roll On/Roll Off.

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