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Old school house, Ma Mei Ha Village [????- ]

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Hi everyone.

Does anyone have any info on the old school house on Sha Tau Kok road? It's right beside the road next to the little shop. All I know is it is over 80 years old and was the local school until a newer one was built. I have a picture if anyone is interested.

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Photos that show this place



Hi Hugo,

Please post the picture of the old school house you mentioned. Thanks!


I lived in Kan Tau Tsuen , opposite the school building there, which is now a Community Centre type of place. The Primary School was still open  in about 2005. (I lived there for 12 years until 2017) and am presuming that the "Newer one" that you mention must be that school. 

I must say I have no idea what the building you mention looks like. I used the little shop all the time. I would need to see your photo to be able to comment. Thanks

Hi, I have posted the pic.......

PHOTO-2021-03-16-17-28-12.png, by hugie


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Please take a look at the pic I posted on the other comment. You will recognise it straight away although the last tenants  knocked it about a lot! 

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Thanks for uploading the photo, I've added it to your comment. (Here's how it's done: https://gwulo.com/node/1929)

i found this clip on this village: https://tw.appledaily.com/supplement/20210109/K3B227M5YZGFDM5TV4VVDBAQ4I/ in chinese.

the restaurant owner said the building ages more than 100 years. it turned into a restaurnt after the school was closed. then 3 decades ago, the original owner was retired then mr choy and his father took over the restaurant. 

And there is an interesting story behind the marker stone beside. The concrete village path was sponsored by KAAA (KADOORIE AGRICULTURAL AID ASSOCIATION). As the concrete path was very expensive to maintain in 1950s and the villagers didnt want others to damage the path. Therefore they setup a marker stone to diasllow iron-wheel trolley to access the village path (ps. mainly a warning against the decoration workers)

kan.jpeg, by AppleDaily


According to https://books.google.com.hk/books?id=hoRYCgAAQBAJ&pg=PA106&lpg=PA106&dq=...

覺民學校 was founded in 1937 by 鄧大煥, a businessman from SE Asia, in memory for his mother. And the current site covers 蘭芳酒家 and 萬豐隆

In 1938 spring, the school started services wif 3 teachers and arnd 90 students. The school received the govt subsidy before the war. In 1945, the school resumed after the war, then the founding supervisor Mr Tang, invited 羅澤棠, a nearby villager graduated in teaching school as the school principal. 

In June 1957, Mr Law the school principal invited representatives from 12 nearby villages to raise fund for the new campus. And then a school with new campus was renamed as 丹竹坑公立學校 in 1960.

The marker stone photo I took last weekend.
It is setup by KAAA by saying that iron-wheel trolley is not allowed to enter this path. 1956. 獅頭嶺村告

Did you guys mean that the former school building has become the New Lan Fong Restaurant 新蘭芳茶樓? 

 Ma Mei Ha, Sha Tau Kok Rd 沙頭角公路馬尾下段 




Yes the old school is now partly a restaurant. Some time ago i was asking uncle Sheung about it(the gentleman in the pic above) and he gave me an old school brochure to look at. It was from the new school just up the path(now closed) but the brochure had some very interesting old pix of the school. One pic showed three young lads standing outside the school gate which is in fact the door to the restaurant. So i guess from that pic the restaurant was built on the school playground and the wall and door arch are all original. If you ever come this way just ask Sheung Suk in the shop and he will gladly show you the school brochure and the page with him on it as a primary school student. 

I did have lunch there several years ago before visiting the Hindu Temple at Queen's Hill.