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Remains of I.L. 58 House Cheung Chau Island [????- ]

Current condition: 

This house is to the south of #11 house. On the 1938 Cheung Chau map, the number marking this house looks like 58, and David's pointed out that this could be the lot number, so I will refer to it as #58 house so let's refer to it as IL 58 house. Please correct me if I made a mistake again.

When you walk from #11 house you may first find it some steps below the hill.

North Profile Remains of #58 House Cheung Chau
North Profile


South Profile Remains of #58 House Cheung Chau.jpg.jpg
South Profile


Sea View Remains of #58 House Cheung Chau
Sea View


Room 1 Remains of house #58 Cheung Chau
Room 1 

Many people seemed to reside in this house.

Room 2 Remains of house #58 Cheung Chau.jpg
Room 2
Ruins of Staircase #58 House Cheung Chau
Ruins of Staircase
Marker Stone of #58 House Cheung Chau.jpg
Marker Stone



Photos that show this place


That one is still in pretty good shape!

It isn't clear from the map what was the number of this building. It's between buildings 11 and 12, so looking at how other buildings were numbered it may have been 11A. (The '58' is the lot number, so the house is on Inland Lot 58. The Marker Stone with the red star on may have "IL 58" marked on it if it marked one of the corners of the Lot's boundary.)

Yes, indeed in good condition. So many beds in it. Might it be used as something like a quarter for some time?

I visited the 2 houses in recent years.
The photos of the 2 houses are mixed up.
House mentioned in this thread is marked as "CCIL 52" on GeoInfo Map. 
I guess the number marked on 1938 map/boundary stones should be "52".
It seems that the finishes , tiles and style of this house is more modern than #11 house. 
In my visits, this house was vacant. Only some concrete blocks, woods and core samples were on the floor.
The photos with rounded-arch verandah / bunk bed frames should be #11 house.
Below is the map of CCIL 52 house with photo angles (taken in 2019):

Photo A: East Profile, with moasic tiles

Photo B: Verandah of the house

Photo C: Interior 1

Photo D: Interior 2

The lot number on the 1938 map is not very clear, so thank you for posting the modern map. I agree this should be CCIL 52.

Regards, David