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Road Milestones of Hong Kong

  The definite map of milestones in Hong Kong. (unfinished)



The Old New Territories Circular Route

Includes Nathan Road, Castle Peak Road, Tai Po Road, Kwong Fuk Road and sections of Tuen Mun Road, Kwu Tung Road, Route 9 and Deerhill Road.

Milestone Numbers (ascending) Milestone Numbers (descending) Still in place? Location (approximate)
0 56.5 No* Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry
1 55.5 No Jordan Road, Nathan Road intersection
2 54.5 No Lukfook Jewelry, Mong Kok, Nathan Road
3 53.5 No Ying Lun Building, Castle Peak Road, Sham Shui Po
4 52.5 No Yu Chau Street West, Castle Peak Road
5 51.5 Yes South of footbridge NF135, Castle Peak Road-Kwai Chung
6 50.5 No Northern end of Tai Wo Interchange, Castle Peak Road-Kwai Chung
7 49.5 No Footbridge NF51, Wo Yi Hop Road, Castle Peak Road-Kwai Chung intersection
8 48.5 Yes Eastern End of Tsuen Wan Gardens, Castle Peak Road-Tsuen Wan
9 47.5 No Hoi Hing Road, Castle Peak Road-Tsuen Wan roundabout&
10 46.5 No Road to Greenville Terrance, Castle Peak Road-Tsuen Wan intersection
11 45.5 No Near Villa Mecmar, Castle Peak Road-Ting Kau
12 44.5 No Hoi Mei Beach bus stop, Castle Peak Road-Ting Kau
13 43.5 No Anglers' Pier central pier, Castle Peak Road-Sham Tseng
14 42.5 No Footbridge NF437, Castle Peak Road-Tsing Lung Tau
15 41.5 No Transition between Castle Peak Road-Tsing Lung Tau and Castle Peak Road-Tai Lam
16 40.5 No Tai Lam Chung bus terminus (Route K51), Castle Peak Road-Tai Lam
17 39.5 No Western Side of Silvern Garden, Castle Peak Road-Tai Lam
18 38.5 No 22°22'23.4"N 113°59'32.8"E, Castle Peak Road-So Kwun Wat
19 37.5 No Castle Peak Beach Toilet, Castle Peak Road-Castle Peak Bay
20 36.5 No Tuen Shing Street, Castle Peak Road-Castle Peak Bay intersection
21 35.5 No Footbridge NF161, Tuen Mun Road
22 34.5 No Miu Fat Buddist Monastery, Castle Peak Road-Lam Tei
23 33.5 No Pak Fa Road southern corner, Castle Peak Road-Hung Shui Kiu
24 32.5 No Imperial Villas 1, Castle Peak Road-Ping Shan
25 31.5 No Ma Miu Road, Castle Peak Road-Shui Pin Wai intersection
26 30.5 No Road to YOHO Mall 1, Castle Peak Road-Yuen Long
27 29.5 No Center of bridge, carrying Castle Peak Road-Tam Mi passing Kam Tin River
28 28.5 No Footbridge NF274 bus stop, Castle Peak Road-Tam Mi
29 27.5 Yes Tai Yuen Villa, Castle Peak Road-Tam Mi
30 26.5 No San Tam Road, Castle Peak Road-Mai Po intersection
31 25.5 No San Tin Tsuen Road, Castle Peak Road-San Tin intersection
32 24.5 No Pak Shek Au Interchange bus stop, Kwu Tung Road
33 23.5 No Kwu Tung bus stop, Castle Peak Road-Kwu Tung
34 22.5 No Golf Parkview, Castle Peak Road-Kwu Tung
35 21.5 No So Kwun Po Road over East Rail Line
36 20.5 No Fanling Distribution Center, Jockey Club Road
37 19.5 No Heung Yuen Wai Highway split-off
38 18.5 No Footbridge NF487, Fanling Highway
39 17.5 No About 120m northwest of Mui Shu Hang Road, Tai Po Road intersection
40 16.5 No Shanghai Commercial Bank, Kwong Fuk Road (Dumped ≈600 meters away at N.I.S.)
41 15.5 Yes Riverain Bayside, Tai Po Road-Yuen Chau Tsai
42 14.5 No Tai Po Kau Nature Trail - Kau Lead Section motorcycle carpark, Tai Po Road-Tai Po Kau
43 13.5 No Deerhil Path between Deerhill Tower - Deerhill Bay Tower 6 and Deerhill Avenue - Deerhill Bay Block 21
44 12.5 Yes About 200m (University bound) from Tai Po Mei bus stop (next to a cliff behind a brick wall)
45 11.5 Yes 22°24'43.3"N 114°12'35.1"E, Tai Po Road-Ma Liu Shui
46 10.5 No Royal Ascot Block 1 (East Rail Line Ho Tung Lau Depot)
47 9.5 No Shatin Pui Ying College, Tai Po Road-Sha Tin
48 8.5 No Underneath Shing Mun Tunnel Road (Route No.9)
49 7.5 No Sha Tin Heights Road bus stop, Tai Po Road-Sha Tin Heights
50 6.5 No Luk Hop Village bus stop, Tai Po Road-Sha Tin Heights
51 5.5 Yes South of Wilson Trail Section 5, Tai Po Road-Sha Tin Heights intersection
52 4.5 No Footbridge KF74, Tai Po Road
53 3.5 No Road merge between Lung Yuet Road and Tai Po Road
54 2.5 No* Poplar Street, Tai Po Road intersection
55 1.5 No* Waterloo Road, Nathan Road intersection
56 0.5 No* Lacoste, Tsim Sha Tsui, Nathan Road
56.5 0 No* Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry


Clear Water Bay Road

Originally starts at Star Ferry but the actual start now is at Choi Hung Interchange. This DOES NOT INCLUDE New Clear Water Bay Road, as it was built in 1980.

Outbound means from TST whilist Inbound means to TST.

Milestone Numbers Still in place? Location (approximate)
0 No* Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry
1 No Jordan Road, Nathan Road intersection
2 No Lukfook Jewelry, Mong Kok, Nathan Road
3 No* Prince Edward Road (East), Waterloo Road Intersection
4 No* Regal Oriental Hotel bus stop, Prince Edward Road (East)
5 No* Choi Hung Interchange
6 No* 22°20'04.2"N 114°13'26.7"E, Clear Water Bay Road
7 No North of Ka Shue Road, Clear Water Bay Road intersection
8 No Road to Green Villa, Clear Water Bay Road intersection
9 Yes South of Bluet Garden, Clear Water Bay Road (Outbound side)
9.5 Yes 726 Clear Water Bay Road (Inbound side)
10 Yes 831-836 Clear Water Bay Road (Inbound side)
10.5 Yes Mang Kung Uk Road, Clear Water Bay Road intersection (Outbound side)
11 Yes South of Hang Hau Wing Lung Road, Clear Water Bay Road intersection (Outbound side)
11.5 Yes North of Sheung Yeung Village 2 (Outbound side)
12 No South of Ha Yeung bus stop
12.5 Dismantled, broken North of Sheung Sze Wan Road, Clear Water Bay Road intersection (Inbound side)
13 Yes 22°17'39.7"N 114°17'37.8"E, Clear Water Bay Road


Hiram's Highway

Splits from CWBR at around mile 8.3, numbers are the same as CWBR.

This table will start at mile 9 and DOES NOT INCLUDE New Hiram's Highway which was built in 2002. 

Outbound means from TST whilist Inbound means to TST.

Milestone Numbers Still in place? Location (approximate)
9 Yes South of Wo Mei West Garden, Hiram's Highway (Inbound side)
9.5 Yes Road to Sai Kung Central Primary School, Hiram's Highway intersection (Inbound side)
10 Yes Between Pak Wai bus stop and Hing Keng Shek Road, Hiram's Highway intersection (now wrapped in protective materials) (Outbound side)
10.5 Yes Near opposite of Pak Sha Wan Church Public Toilet, Hiram's Highway (Outbound side)
11 Yes Road to The Giverny, Hiram's Highway intersection (Outbound side)
11.5 Yes North of Pak Kong Road, Hiram's Highway intersection (Outbound side)
12 Yes Opposite of China Paint Building Blocks 1,2, Hiram's Highway (Outbound side, on pedestrian road)
12.5 Yes Mei Yu Street, Po Tung Road and Tai Mong Tsai Road intersection and transition (Outbound side)
13 No Tai Mong Tsai Road, Wai Man Road roundabout
13.5 No Section of straight northwest of Tai Mong Tsai Barbeque Area Site No.2, Tai Mong Tsai Road


Route Twisk

Spilts at prensent-day Sai Lau Kok Road, Castle Peak Road-Tsuen Wan intersection and NOT the roundabout at Tsuen Kam Interchange.

Merges at Sheung Tsuen Interchange.

This table will start at mile 9.

Outbound means from TST whilist Inbound means to TST.

Milestone Number Still in place? Location (approximate)
9 No North of stairs to Fu Yung Path, Route Twisk
10 No North of Ha Fa Shan Chuen bus stop^
11 No 22°23'41.0"N 114°06'10.6"E, Route Twisk
12 No 22°24'05.4"N 114°06'23.6"E, Route Twisk
13 Yes ≈400m south of Viewing Deck, Route Twisk (Outbound side)
14 No 22°25'13.5"N 114°06'56.1"E, Route Twisk
15 No Between Kadoorie Close and Cowell Close, Route Twisk


Fan Kam Road



Lam Kam Road



Kam Tin Road

A vital link between Yuen Long and Sheung Tsuen.

This DOES NOT INCLUDE Kam Tin Bypass which was bulit in

Milestone Numbers Still in place? Location (approximate)
0 No* Au Tau Youth Centre
1 No (taken away approx. 2014) Kam Tin Shi Street, Kam Tin Road intersection
2 Yes ≈100 m east of Kam Tin Clinic
3 No Pat Heung Fire Station
4 Yes Chun Yiu (Sheung Tsuen bound) bus stop

Ting Kok Road and Bride's Pool Road

A 10-mile journey from Tai Wo.

According to 1975 map, only MS 2,3,7 are shown. Other MS's are believed to be dismantled before 1975.  

Milestone Numbers Still in place? Location (approximate)
0 No* Kwong Fuk Bridge (Northern side)
1 No Rivera Lodge, Yue Kok
2 No Eastern parking lot of Ha Hang Village
3 Yes ≈310 m east of Fortune Gardens
4 No Po Sum Pei bus stop
5 No Shan Liu Road, Ting Kok Road intersection
6 No Plover Cove Country Park Tai Mei Tuk Management Centre
7 Yes ≈100 m north of Chung Pui bus stop
8 Unknown Northwest of Bride's Pool Nature Trail (Green-roof pavillon)
9 No Wu Kau Tang Road, Bride's Pool Road intersection 
10 No Fung Hang Family Walk Barbeque Site


South Lantau Road, Keung Shan Road and Tai O Road
Or SLR, is a special one due to the MS being 0.25 miles apart.

Outbound means from Mui Wo whilist Inbound means to Mui Wo.

Milestone Numbers Still in place? Location (approximate)
0 No* Mui Wo Ferry Pier
0.25 Yes Fu Kong Shan Road, South Lantau Road intersection (Inbound side)
0.5 No ≈100 m north-north-east of Lai Chi Yuen (Inbound) bus stop
0.75 No ≈130 m east of Lai Chi Yuen Cemetery (Inbound) bus stop
1 No,113.991494,3a,75y,138.88h,76.77t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sxz81AENXButBdgC_wR9PKA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en
1.25 Yes Near Nam Shan Sam Uk Tsuen (outbound) bus stop
1.5 No,113.9856016,3a,66y,45.62h,77.77t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1stWILUoCW_DNDgLZ3HJuyZA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en
1.75 Yes Swire House Holiday House bus stop
2 No,113.9835766,3a,75y,125.12h,73.38t/data=!3m9!1e1!3m7!1sjjp0ilLbJXGfX3rztoaJpg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!9m2!1b1!2i37?hl=en
2.25 Yes,113.9811844,3a,17.2y,191.09h,78.84t/data=!3m9!1e1!3m7!1s5NvnsQ2pG6ea5Nd8UHOUEA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!9m2!1b1!2i37?hl=en
2.5 No Over the railings at Sun Wai Tsuen (Outbound) bus stop
2.75 No  
3 Yes ≈50 m southwest of Ngau Au Yuen (Outbound) bus stop
3.25 Yes  
4 No ≈20 m south of San Shek Wan Roundabout (Inbound) Bus stop
4.25 Unknown  
4.75 Yes Opposite of Cheung Sha Fire Station (Inbound) bus stop
5 Yes Opposite of Leyburn Villas (Inbound) bus stop
5.25 Yes Stand at Cheung Sha Bridge (Inbound) bus stop and look diagonally left
6 Unknown,113.9393514,3a,81.1y,130.36h,75.96t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sawfCsnGm1hcIWXuABHoaKA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en
7 No ≈240 m northwest of South Lantau Submarine Cable Station (Inbound) bus stop
8 No Lantau Trail Section 9, South Lantau Road intersection


Tung Chung Road

Again like SLR, MS are 0.25 miles apart

This road is the very one when it opened and NOT the 2009 TCR Widening Projects which has a different southern 'terminus' at SLR MS4.

Note that bolded No. are not accessible by road, you need to walk (Cycling not encouraged)

Milestone Numbers Still in place? Location (approximate)
0.25 Confirming North of Tung Chung Community Services Complex (Tung Chung North Road)
0.5 No Barrier gates at the end of Chui Kwan Drive
0.75 No Roundabout at Northern end of Tung Chung Road
1 No Sheung Leng Pei bus stop
2.25 Yes (2016) Straight section north-west of Cemetery Area No. 18 (Northboud bus stop)
3.25 Yes Entrance of Tei Tong Tsai Country Trail (North old road)
3.5 No  
3.75 Yes Middle of straight after first curve (South old road)
4 No After 1st "S" curve (South old road)
4.25 Yes Next visible drainige well by a right turn (South old road)
4.5 Yes (top half only) Southern split of Lantau trails 10 & 11 intersection (South old road)
4.75 Yes (fallen over railing on curve) Sharp right turn with protective railings (South old road)
5 Yes Shortly after last right turn (South old road)






Sha Tau Kok Road

For 6.75 miles, this road connects Sha Tau Kok and Fanling

All MSs' were still in place in 2001.

Milestone Numbers (From Fanling) Milestone Numbers (From Sha Tau Kok) Still here? Location (approximate)
0 6.75 No* Sai Wan Road, Sha Tau Kok Road - Lung Yeuk Tau roundabout
1 5.75 No,114.1511175,3a,75y,309.29h,81.76t/


2 4.75 No,114.1652944,3a,41.4y,19.71h,75.14t/


3 3.75 No,114.1775468,3a,50.2y,303.42h,74.21t/


4 2.75 No,114.1923094,3a,67.7y,10.27h,86.64t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1szUW3YJjjvzngn9CfNTy8xg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?hl=en
5 1.75 No,114.2050855,3a,41y,3.81h,72.82t/


6 0.75 No,114.2163174,3a,41.7y,333.41h,85.16t/


6.75 0 No,114.2257393,3a,75y,191.2h,52.57t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipMGev6iPyxh_RC9MQ1  rhn1_7bY_uoXr79lxAbK4!2e10!3e11!                                                          h_RC9MQ1rhn1_7bY_uoXr79lxAbK4%3Dw203-h100-k-no-pi-0-ya19.4978-ro-0-fo100!7i6324!8i3162?hl=en


*Milestone was not even built

^I've found a milestone north of road to Tso Kung Tam Recreation Center, Route Twisk intersection (Inbound side). It says "W10" but the place is slightly incorrect...

&There is a slight controversey on where was it. 1975 shows it at stated location but 1977 shows it near Discovery Park

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