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Victoria Barracks [????-????]

Photos that show this place


Hi Annelise, are you thinking of this place as representing just the five Victoria Barracks Blocks, or the larger army-owned area bounded roughly by Garden Road, Queen's Road, roughly the line of Arsenal Street, and Kennedy Road?

I have not done research on this area.  I just found the woodcut which claims it shows Victoria Barracks, and then saw the same building with the tower in the other photo.

There were changes in names over time, so perhaps a colour coded map would be best.  Not that I have one, mind you  :)

Victoria, Wellington and Murray Barracks - even an un-named officer's mess - many photos use various names.  This seems to be a good topic for a forum.

(I was really doing the Canton Bazaar, and this was a side issue)

I dropped by the Maritime Museum in Stanley and took these photos of the model they have for the Barracks in the 1860s.

As a young soldier, I was based in Victoria Barracks 1975-77. I was a member of 27 Signal Regiment and worked shifts in the Communications Centre which was built on the former 'Scandal Point'. I lived on the top floor of  E Block with unrestricted views of the harbour in those days. I am starting to sort though boxes of old negatives and will post pictures that might be of interest. Like most people, I wish I had taken more photos and invested in a better camera! I am happy to be contacted if anyone has any questions about the barracks at that time. Frank Riley (Quicksilver).

Hi Frank,

I was in VB from 1970 to 1073 and like you don't have too many pics. A guy called Roger Thory has just set up a Facebook page for Victoria Barracks, you can find it here: -

I'm sure he would be glad of some more members, it's a very new page.

We are also trying to find a map of Victoria Barracks from the 1970s, so far with no success.


Look forward to hearing from you,


Bob Myerscough (aka Tich when I was with R. SIgs.)


Hi Bob,

Thank you for your post.There is an excellent map of Victoria Barracks in the archives of the Hong Kong Government Records Service produced by the Defence Land Agent in 1976 whilst the barracks were still occupied by the military. I am trying to work out how to obtain a decent resolution copy but follow this link for a low res version to whet your appitite:

I will ask David to put us in direct contact so that we don't clog up the Gwulo forum with private messages. Regards, Frank

Before vacating the barracks, HQ British Forces produced an excellent publication entitled 'Victoria Barracks 1842-1979'. It can be viewed or downloaded as a Pdf here: