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35 Queen's Road Central [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

Around 1902-3 it was home to Wing Cheong & Co., Jewellers & Curio Merchants:

Wing Cheong & Co. Jewellers & Curio Merchants
Wing Cheong & Co. Jewellers & Curio Merchants, by Chinarail - enhanced scans from the Hong Kong Directory 1903 & 1905


But the mid-1920s it housed The Eastern Bazaar, Leading Silk Mart:

Eastern Bazaar
Eastern Bazaar, by Admin


The sign shown above is cropped from this photo, where number 35 is on the right of this scene:

1920s Queen's Road Central
1920s Queen's Road Central, by David

Photos that show this place



Well-spotted `Eagle Eye`.....cool......Definitely the same building.