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Hong Kong artists

I am interested in which artists have passed through, or indeed lived in, Hong Kong since the late eighteenth century, partly as I am a keen on the history of Hong Kong, but partly as I would like to (potentially) invest in something with a local flavour. Of course, everyone is aware of George Chinnery who spent many years in Macau in the early half of the nineteenth century. I understand he spent some time in Hong Kong, and indeed has a bar named after him in The Mandarin hotel. Equally, I am aware also that Edward Seago, the Queen Mother's favourite artist, spent considerable time in Hong Kong and did some stunning paintings of sampans and street scenes. Both of these artists are certainly beyond my means as far as investments are concerned, according to the Bonhams/Sothebys websites. I recently became aware of Peter Scholey's recent Hong Kong art via the Island Road Gallery website advertised in HK Expat or a similar magazine. My question is, are there other lesser known artists - perhaps 19th or early 20th century (as modern art is not so much to my taste personally) that might be worth looking out for that have produced Hong Kong related work?


Sorry I don't know anything about this topic, but a couple of people who do are http://www.wattis.com.hk/home/ and https://www.martyngregory.com/

Maybe they can help?

Many thanks!

Hi Benny - my godfather was Douglas Bland, who was well known in Hong Kong in the 1950's-1970's. Sadly, I have very little by him. I think he painted a mural of the early Hong Kong waterfront in the original Godown nightclub, which I used to go to in the 70's: can anyone confirm?


Thanks, Kirsty