New on Gwulo: 2021, week 35 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

New on Gwulo: 2021, week 35

I spent last month in the UK, sending our older daughter to start at university, and catching up with friends and family. I arrived back in Hong Kong yesterday.

Gwulo's newsletters were on pause while I was away, but since I'm stuck in my quarantine hotel room for the next three weeks, expect to see some extra issues!


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Book news

Some bad news that came in during the break was the announcement that local bookstore Bleak House Books will close on 15 October.

It's my local bookshop, less than 10 minutes walk from where I live in San Po Kong. When we first moved there I wasn't expecting much in the way of English-language shopping, so it was a lovely surprise to find we had an English-language bookshop on our doorstep. It is on the 27th floor of a nondescript office building, so there's no way you'd stumble upon it. But when you walk in it's like you've stepped from your hometown high street into a favourite bookshop.

We started out visiting as customers, but Albert the owner is also a strong supporter of local authors. He quickly agreed to carry my first book, and has gone on to carry all four volumes, giving each one a promotional post or video to his many followers on Instagram.

Sadly I'll still be in quarantine when the shop closes, but if you haven't been yet I'd grab the chance to visit while you can.







1914 KCR, Preliminary Kowloon Terminus
1914 KCR, Preliminary Kowloon Terminus, by eatsee111


20060923_0454_Po Shan Rd 24.JPG
24 Po Shan Rd, by David M Webb


Gloucester Restaurant balloon, by Tony Ng 伍東榮


Balloon close-up, by Tony Ng 伍東榮


Rose Land Restaurant
Rose Land Restaurant, by Moddsey


Crashed Fairy 111F
Crashed plane 1, by 2ik7ns-AW_


Crashed plane 2, by 2ik7ns-AW_


Taim Lam Camp 1956 showing Castle Peak house.jpeg
Taim Lam Camp 1956 showing Castle Peak house.jpeg, by Seemex


Tai Lam Cook house to the right.jpeg
Tai Lam Cook house to the right.jpeg, by Seemex


111 Pei Ho Street
111 Pei Ho Street, by Philk


58 Pei Ho Street
58 Pei Ho Street, by Philk


RITZ-Free Attraction-Tommy Tong and his amazing fish act
RITZ-Free Attraction - Tommy Tong and his amazing fish act, by IDJ


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Welcome back to HK! Look forward to your updates during your quarantine! Take care!