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Kowloon Golf Club

Saw a circa 1930s map of Hong Kong sporting attractions recently and was intrigued by the apparent existence of a Kowloon Golf Club. By its placement on the map it would have been near the KCR line, my best guess around the Prince Edward area. Does anyone have more information on this?

Ditto for the Shatin Golf Club also.


The Kowloon Golf Club was formed in 1924 by members of the Kowloon Cricket Club, Kowloon Bowling Green Club and United Services Recreation Club. An area within the Kowloon City Rifle Range (see here) was reserved for the construction of a nine-hole golf course. Further reading in the Hong Kong Telegraph dated 29 April 1924.

Seems like the history goes back further.

Here is the draw of the Captain Ritchie Cup of the Kowloon Golf Club in March 1916

Source: Hong Kong Daily Press, page 3, 4th March 1916

Yes, I did note the earlier date. After cross-checking the use of recreation grounds e.g. Wong Nei Chong (Happy Valley) and King's Park by the various civilian sporting clubs, Kowloon Golf Club is not mentioned. The Club and Cup to be presented may have been associated with the military.

Prior to the golf course at the Kowloon City Rifle Range, the recreation grounds at King's Park was used by golfers. 

Half page of text discussion in HK Telegraph page 17-edition 27 August1938

My Grandfatrher has this trophy presented in 1922 or 1918 from the bowling green club. He was the wharfinger at Kowloon Wharf in Hong Kong at that time so I assume it would be related to this forum.

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