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Pedder Building [1924- ]

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Pedder Building (畢打行) was built in 1923 by the architectural firm of Palmer and Turner. In the pre-Second World War period, most tenants were foreign commercial firms with their headquarters or branches set up in Central. Most tenants evacuated before the Japanese Occupation (1941-1945), and consequently the Japanese and Chinese firms moved in. The building remained intact during the Occupation, and it has always functioned as a commercial building for shops and offices.

Well known figures in Hong Kong community have had associations with Pedder Building. The earliest recorded owner of the building was So Shek-chung; however, the ownership was soon transferred to Ng Wah (伍華) in 1926. Starting as a foreman in the Hong Kong Royal Navy Shipyard, Ng Wah eventually became a renowned contractor. In the twentieth century, he was in charge of many building projects, such as the construction of Queen Mary Hospital, Queen’s Theatre and Yau Ma Tei Shelter. During the war period, he was a member of the Chinese Co-operative Council (中國華民各界協議會) founded in 1942. In 1962, Pedder Building was sold to a company owned by the late Fok Ying-tung (霍英東), who attained the post of the Vice-Chairman of the National Committee (全國政協副主席).
Historical Interest
Pedder Building is a nine-storey building with a narrow frontage on Pedder Street and a long rectangular plan stretching back to Theatre Lane. The architectural style of the building is Neo-Classical with some Art Deco influence. The style is similar to buildings of the same era found in other large cities of the world such as Shanghai and Chicago. The Pedder Street façade is strongly symmetrical made up of a vocabulary of classical features including rusticated stonework, moulded cornices, giant pilasters and a central pediment supported on columns prominently displayed at third floor level. An unusual feature, once common in pre-war buildings, is the projecting over the pavement forming a covered walkway or arcade for pedestrians. (from AMO)

The building has a proposed Grade I listing, which it is contesting

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Changed completion date from 1923 to 1924, source: 1924 PWD AR.

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I.L 2319 - (Office Building on part of old GPO - I assume today's Pedder Building)

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