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Shek Shan, near To Kwa Wan [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

Both the 1896 and 1903 overlays in Gwulo's Marvellous Mapping Tool show a place called Shek Shan near Ko Shan and the confluence of Chatham Rd North, Ma Tau Wai Rd and Kowloon City Rd.

There is no Chinese lettering so i can't tell if the Shek stands for Stone or Snake (two common usages).

I can find no reference to this area, which I'm taking to represent another member, albeit minor, of the " lost hills of Kowloon". 

Does anyone have any information to share? 

Thanks in advance! 

Photos that show this place


There is a crop from the 1896 map at

Sorry, i haven't yet worked out how to think this properly

Suggest to view the maps at and select the 1903.1 map. There is a Quarry Hill to the west of To Kwa Wan as well as quarries to the south west. More here

Thank you moddsey, that helps. Good topographic detail and clarification in the Chinese. I guess the place marked was more like a processing area for the quarries "shek shan" than a "shan" itself. Much appreciated