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Susan Helen KING [1941- ]

Susan Helen

Date of birth taken from List of Children in Stanley Camp


Siblings of Susan Helen KING [1941- ]


Her father  James Joseph Osborne King  was living in Australia post-war

There is a Susan Helen King occupation clerk living at 80 Napier Street Tamworth New England NSW  Australia (1980 Electoral Roll). At the same address is Stephen Francis King occupation upholsterer, Kathleen Grace King, Francis Vernon King. 

Passenger List 1957 London to Fremantle

Joan A M King Division of Mental Health, Public Health Department, 20 Murray Street Hobart

Susan H King

Fiona K King

King, J.J. 28, Mrs. In 10.12.41 MRH2

Could the In stand for Infant? In which case the date of birth for Susan Helen King would be 10 December 1941 assuming date month year format applies.

On Tony's lists, MRH2 means "Patients Admitted to the Matilda Relief Hospital".

I think it means the pregnant Mrs King went into hospital on 10th Dec. That would fit the 24th Dec birthdate for Susan given above.

There is a record of a marriage of Susan Helen King to Edwin ? ? Lansdale  (sic) in Basingstoke Hampshire in  Quarter 1 1976 [looks like Edwin B D Lansdale in original index]

Electoral Rolls Cannon Dell West Tisted Alresford Hampshire 2003 - 2005 2007 - 2008

Mrs Susan H Lansdale birth date 1939 - 1941

Edwin B Lansdale  birth date 1945 - 1947

Electoral Rolls 4 Bridle Close East Tisted Alton Hampshire 

Mrs Susan H Lansdale birth date 1939 - 1941

Edwin B D Landsdale birth date 1945 - 1947  [born 1946 Bournemouth]

Residence Date 2008